Old workshop cabinet loft restored

Old workshop cabinet from the 1950s.

We found the cabinet in a ripped-off condition – it has indeed served in a workshop for the past few decades. It had been repainted several times and had strong signs of wear.

The cabinet has been lovingly restored and is in a beautiful condition ready for living. It is odorless.

The later paintwork was removed mechanically (sanded, without chemical agents) and the cabinet was completely restored. Some of the drawers have got new floors (made of old, recycled plywood).

Finally, the surface was oiled.

Material: body and fronts of the drawers made of solid beech, “top”, sides and bases of the drawers made of plywood, sides of the drawers made of softwood (pine). The handles are also original.

The old cabinet has a total of 10 drawers in two sizes and can therefore be used very practically.

Width 90 cm, height 74 cm, depth (body) 44 cm.


Price: 675 EUR/piece (cabinet without decoration).

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