Textile cables for our factory lamps

Textile cables and factory lamps – parallel developments

Textilkabel, Fabriklampen, Industrielampen

The history of the so-called textile cable – textile-covered cable or fabric cable – is related to the history of factory lamps. With the emergence and spread of industrial lamps (and generally the use of electricity), the cables were also increasingly protected. The insulation of the core and the cables has been ensured by textile fibers and fabrics since the turn of the century / beginning of the 20th century. The textile cables appeared very quickly in various colors, and the electrical cables were given an aesthetic role in addition to functionality.

Since the middle of the 20th century, plastics have taken on the role of insulation. Textile cables have lost their leading role, but have survived in the background. They have always been present in certain technical areas (primarily on devices that generate a lot of heat, such as irons, grills or toasters) to protect the plastic coating. Everyone knows the iron cables in the black and white zigzag pattern. With the rediscovery of old factory lamps, textile cables are also becoming increasingly popular.

Why textile cables?

Apart from the historical aspects, textile cables are simply beautiful and aesthetic. For an old factory lamp (especially from the 1920s, 1930s) a fabric cable is almost due. The textile cables allow an individual and creative design, not only for the lamps, but also in every room. With a beautiful textile cable you can set accents in the apartment, in the office, restaurant, bar and support the color design. They are noble and of high quality. You can playfully use the cables in lively colors or use fabric cables with reserved, elegant colors for quieter interiors.

What colors are there at fabriklampen.de?

We only use high quality textile cables from Western European production, which are of course tested and certified / standardized for use in the EU. Our old factory lamps are only mounted with three-core cables with the green-yellow wire for “grounding”.

We currently offer textile cables in 20 colors for our old factory lamps, we have divided them into 4 groups.

Textilkabel, Fabriklampen, Industrielampen

The first group contains the “monochrome” or “black and white” cables, which can be used in a wide variety of ways. The colors black, black and white zigzag, gray (graphite gray), black and white and white can be used in all styles. They are particularly suitable for minimalist or industrial interiors.

Textilkabel, Fabriklampen, Industrielampen

In the second group, we divided colors that are also suitable for more classic environments: brown, whiskey, gold, silver and ivory. These colors are still “calm” and can be used comprehensively.

Textilkabel, Fabriklampen, Industrielampen

With group 3 it becomes lively and bright. Here we have the colors burgundy (wine red), red, pink, orange and yellow. The red textile cable is used often and with pleasure, it practically fits all factory lamps of any color. We have had particularly good experiences with the color bordeaux – it is very elegant with many industrial lamps.

Textilkabel, Fabriklampen, Industrielampen

Group 4 includes the blue and green tones: blue, light blue, turquoise, green and light green. They are often used in interiors that are related to the nature.

We are happy to assemble the old industrial lamps ordered from us with textile cables in the color of your choice. Talk to us about this!

Published on 06.06.2020