Old medical cabinet, restored

Old medical cabinet, restored. We have several restored medical cabinets, here is a broad type with 5 glass shelves.

The old layer of paint was carefully removed in order to retain the unique patina of the old iron. The cabinet was then sealed with an oil-wax mixture, so the surface remains natural and pleasant.

The cabinet is equipped with 5 shelves: these are made of 6 mm thick safety glass with polished edges. Of course, you can also use fewer shelves, so there is space for larger items in the cabinet.

Material: steel, glass. On the sheet metal parts can be clearly seen that they were made (rolled) with the old technology. The same applies to the riveted and welded parts. As always with us: only old and original, with us you will not find any replicas.

We also have refurbished one- or two-door medical cabinets, ready to live.

The dimensions: width 100 cm, height 180 cm, depth 40 cm.

Price: 1050 EUR (cabinet with a total of 5 shelves, without any content and decoration).

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