Old transom window wrought iron rococo 1780-1800

Old transom window, wrought iron, rococo. A masterpiece from the end of the 18th century (around 1780-1800). With the typical Rococo motifs, in the middle with a rather unusual representation: there is a forest spirit (?) or Wurzelsepp (?) – the face also reminds me of the former so-called beard men. The large nose suggests a Wurzelsepp.

The forging work is excellent, at that time the masters were able to process iron almost plastically (and not only had the know-how, but also had the suitable material). In the “mirror” there are no classical connections, the branching parts are “braided” into each other. The parts are joined together with rivets.

Origin: Alpine region or Alpine foothills.

Condition: preserved condition. We have carefully cleaned and preserved the surface.

The width is 223 cm, the height is 75 cm (all at the edge, measured without the wall hooks).

Pickup by the customer

Price: 1250 EUR / piece (without the table below)

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