Old Christmas tree stand casted iron, huge

Old big Christmas tree stand. The stand is shaped in the shape of a tree trunk, with root-shaped branching feet. The feet end in paws. Gründerzeit, late XIX. Century or turn of the century.

Massive piece, the biggest width is 93 cm, in the other direction 75 cm, the height is 27 cm. The weight is 31 kg. The aperture has a considerable diameter of 12.8 cm, Christmas trees up to 4 meters in height fit in easily.

Condition: preserved condition. The set screw is missing, the water tank has a long crack and is accordingly leaking. Despite missing screw, it can be used, we tested it a year ago and fixed the Christmas tree with wedges. The surface has been conserved, in some places remains of the previous color can be recognized (black, gray).

As a benchmark, we took some old Christmas tree stands, these have an aperture of ca. 5 cm (last picture).



Price: 390 EUR/piece (excluding the small ones in the last picture).

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