Alte Fabriklampen mit Textilkabel.
Old restored factory lamps with textile cable.

A lot of old colorful factory lamps before delivery. The enamel lamps are mounted with extra-long black textile cable.

Alte Emaille industrielampen mit Textilkabel in bordeaux.
Old enamel industrial lamps with wine-red textile cable.

These old black industrial lamps were carefully restored after a long life in an industrial hall and fitted with burgundy textile cable for a residential project. The complete inner life of the lamps, as always with us, is new.

Alte große Fabriklampen.
Old large factory lamps.

Three large industrial lamps have also been included.

Klassische Industrielampen mit gusseisernem Top und Verteilerdose, auf Kundenwunsch mit Spezialverkabelung.
Classic industrial lamps with cast iron top and distribution box, special wiring on customer request.

We supplied these three old gray-blue enamel lamps for a dining table. The industrial lamps are marked with company logo of the former manufacturer, the cast iron housings have been refurbished and preserved.

Alte Industrielampen mit langem Hals.
Old industrial lamps with long neck.

These gray-blue factory lights in different shapes and shades are from the same former manufacturer. The lamps are built tall and have found their new place in a restaurant in Austria.

Das graue Textilkabel harminisiert gut mit den graublauen Farbtönen der alten Leuchten.
The gray textile cable harmonizes well with the gray-blue shades of the old lights.
Blaue Industrielampen mit Glas und Gitter.
Blue industrial lamps with safety glass and grid.

Three lightly built bunker lamp with enamel shade, glass and grid. The housing is made of cast iron, the lamps are completely restored and re-electrified.

Bunkerlampen mit grünem Emailschirm.
Bunker lamps with green enamel shade.

Sturdy bunker lamps with shade in green – these lamps are popular because of their color. The old industrial lamps are very solidly built and heavy.

Bunkerampe mit grauem Schirm.
Bunker lampe with gray shade.

Another variant of these lamps, with light gray enamel shade.

Große schwarze Fabriklampen vor der Lieferung.
Large black factory lamps before delivery.

These 50 large factory lamps were used for a hotel project. This time, at the request of the client, the lamps were delivered without wiring and connected on site.

Lieferung der schwarzen Fabriklampen.
Delivery of the black factory lamps.

This is how the old industrial lamps went on their journey, with a direct delivery.