Old drawer cabinet

Old drawer cabinet, pharmacy cabinet from the 1960s in a timeless, practical form. Ideal for storing documents or for a collection.

Each element has 8 drawers, the elements can be varied as required.

The drawers can be divided in both width and length – the best prerequisite for use as a collection cabinet. The dividers were unfortunately not included and can therefore not be included.

Material: plywood, solid beech construction, soft wood drawers, drawer fronts made of plywood. The drawers have the original metal handles with label frames (the cards can be inserted from the side).

We have lovingly restored the old pieces, the parts are ready to live and odorless, and we also cleaned (sanded) the inside of the drawers. The surface has a nice patina.

The dimensions: three cupboards (3×3 elements) are shown in the pictures, we have a total of 16 elements, each with 8 drawers.

The dimensions of an element:

Width 69 cm, height 60 cm, depth (without the drawer fronts and the handles) 60 cm. The dimensions are identical, the middle part is only slightly higher in the pictures because of the unevenness of the floor.

We have a total of 16 elements (with 128 drawers), the maximum size would be either 186 cm x 345 cm (height x width, 3 elements on top of each other, 5 columns side by side) or 246 x 276 cm (height x width, 4 elements on top of each other, 4 columns side by side).

The 3 cabinets shown are 186 cm high, 69 cm wide and 60 cm deep.


A cabinet (height 186 cm, width 69 cm, 3 elements on top of each other, 24 drawers, 3 such cabinets are shown in the pictures): 960 EUR/piece.

Total price of the three cabinets shown (= 9 elements with 72 drawers): 2880 EUR/piece.

A cabinet with a height of 246 cm and a width of 69 cm (4 elements on top of each other, 32 drawers): EUR 1280/piece.

Wall unit with a height of 246 cm and a width of 276 cm (4 elements on top of each other, 4 columns side by side): 5120 EUR/piece

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