Wall lamps industrial cantilevers “PENTACRINUS”

Big wall lamps made of old enamel factory lamps and bunker lamps. The lamps have the traces of usage and age. The cantilevers are new and waxed (with some patina).

Newly electrified, with E27 ceramic sockets for all customary E27-bulbs (light bulbs, LED, halogen etc.). The cantilever has a practical box on the wall which facilitates the installation of these wall lamps really.

We recommend these big wall lamps for rooms from 80-100 m2, and from 3,5-4 m ceiling height. The lamps are only for internal spaces suitable.

We have currently 3 types of cantilevers in stock, they can be mounted with about 60-70 variant types of old industrial lamps. You can see some models in the gallery. The diameter of the shades is between 30 and 46 cm (11,8 – 18,1 inches), simple indistrial lamps (shades) as well as bunker lamps with safety glass and steel grid can be mounted on the cantilevers. Lots with a couple of dozen identical lamps are possible too.

Lenght: between 90 and 130 cm (35,4 – 51,5 inches)

Price: 280 – 350 EUR/piece
plus shipping
Shipping time: 3-5 days

Technical details:

Fitting: New porcelain bulb socket E27, suitable for all currently available bulbs (LED, energy-saving, halogen and traditional bulbs): Halogen and traditional bulbs with a maximum performance of up to 60 Watt may be used. Our recommendation for these lamps are LED bulbs, for example, with a carbon-filament look. The lamps are supplied without bulbs.

Cabling: Newly electrified, using quality cabling made in Germany.

Hanging mount: Wall lamps.

How to use: The lamps are suitable only for indoor use. Please use the closed lamps with LED bulbs.

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