Old headlights with wooden tripods

Old headlights with traces of use and age (light indentations, some rost, chips, scratches – please see the pictures). The lamps are cleaned and conserved. Newly electrified, with E27 ceramic bulbholders (we recommend E27 LED-Light bulbs). With old wooden tripods (cleaned & waxed). We have another headlights in stock, also as wall or ceiling lamp – or as floor lamp with steel stand.

Technical details:

Fitting: New porcelain bulb socket E27, suitable for all currently available bulbs (LED, energy-saving, halogen and traditional bulbs): Halogen and traditional bulbs with a maximum performance of up to 60 Watt may be used. Our recommendation for these closed lamps are LED bulbs, for example, with a carbon-filament look. The lamps are supplied without bulbs.

Cabling: Newly electrified, using quality cabling made in Germany, length 4 metres.

How to use: The lamps are suitable only for indoor use. Please use the closed lamps with LED bulbs.

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