Frohe Weihnachten mit!
Merry Christmas with!

We wish our visitors and customers a wonderful Advent season, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!

20 restaurierte alte Industrielampen für ein Wohnprojekt in Rheinland-Pfalz.
20 restored old industrial lamps for a housing project in Rheinland-Pfalz.

As always, we show you some pictures from our activity. This week we delivered 20 restored industrial lamps for a loft living project in Rhenland-Pfalz.

Altre schwarze Industrielampen für den großzügigen Wohnbereich.
Old black industrial lamps for the spacious living area.

In the large living area, these old industrial lamps provide light. With the three-part structure, the connection between the neck and the shade and the perforated neck, these fabriklampen have a strong industrial character.

Altre schwarze Industrielampen, restauriert.
Old black industrial lamps, restored.

The lovingly restored old industrial lamps are equipped with a graphite gray textile cable, we also supplied the chains. For the individual attachment to the ceiling, the client had individual metal parts made.

Altre schwarze Industrielampen mit Aufhängung.
Old black industrial lamps with hanging.

Factory lamps have been supplied with cast steel suspension with porcelain roller.

Die graublauen Fabriklampen mit Glas sind für die Technik- und Vorratsräume vorgesehen.
The gray-blue factory lamps with glass are intended for the technical and storage rooms.

The 4 gray-blue factory lamps are intended for the tech and supply rooms and guest rooms. These lamps are quite rare: instead of having a cast iron housing, here the thread for the lamp glass has been pressed into the sheet metal. These industrial lamps have also received a cast steel suspension with porcelain roller.

Altes Logo mit Hirsch auf dem Schirm der Fabriklampe.
Old logo with deer on the shade of the factory lamp.

Famous these old factory lamps for the logo and manufacturer information on the shade. On these industrial lamps the lettering is quite large. Above you can see the stag ( Hung. Szarvas), in some versions of these industrial lamps you can see a star(scale).

Alte Fabriklampe mit Aufhängung.
Old factory lamp with hanging.

We have mounted the cast steel suspension with brass parts on these lamps, as the overall look is softer that way. In the large black factory lamps in the living area, these small parts are made of stainless steel, which fits better with the minimalist interior with raw concrete surfaces.

4 sehr seltene Industrielampen für die Küche, mit den originalen Lampengläser.
4 very rare industrial lamps for the kitchen, with the original lamp glasses.

In the kitchen hang four of these very rare factory lamps. We have been able to buy many well-preserved examples from a factory in Hessen – even with the original lamp glasses, which is an absolute highlight.

Wir haben die alten Fabriklampen mit Textilkabel in bordeaux geliefert.
We have supplied the old factory lamps with textile cable in bordeaux.

In these industrial lamps all parts are original, only – as always – the complete interior is new. The factory lamps are mounted with wine red textile cable.

Die Industrielampen stammen aus einer Industriehalle in Hessen.
The old industrial lamps come from an industrial hall in Hessen.

Simple beauty of the old factory lamps and subtle light thanks to lamp glasses – we wish you happy holidays!