Easter 2021

Emaillelampen, Fabriklampen, Industrielampen, Ostern

We wish our visitors and customers a happy Easter!

Today we packed two lots, these will be dispatched on Tuesday after the holidays.

Emaillelampen, Fabriklampen, Industrielampen

There are 20 light gray enamel lamps for a manufacture in Bavaria and 10 large black factory lamps for an architecture office in Darmstadt. We installed the light gray industrial lamps with a black textile cable.

Emaillelampen, Fabriklampen, Industrielampen, Hocker

The 10 large factory lamps have been equipped with an orange textile cable and a Schuko plug at the customer’s request.

Emaillelampen, Fabriklampen, Industrielampen, Hocker

Another picture from this week: extremely rare enamel lamps from BESEG. Finding six identical exemplars of it is not common. We have fitted the lamps with new fixings. They serve as ceiling lighting for a regular customer in Switzerland.

Published on 03.04.2021